Reflections on Ray Dolby

At The Time and The Place campaign launch event on 18 March, David Robinson (1959) spoke movingly about the life and career of his friend, Ray Dolby (1957).

They first met when David approached Ray to help him set up the Cambridge University Tape Recording Society. Ray invited David to join his new startup in 1966 and he worked at Dolby Laboratories until his retirement in 2005.

Ray Dolby came up to Pembroke to read for a PhD in the Cavendish Laboratory Electron Microscope Group, where he worked on microanalysis using secondary X-rays. His research at Cambridge, coupled with his interest in music recording, led him eventually to develop a revolutionary audio noise reduction system transformed listening quality.

Ray had huge affection for Pembroke; and Dagmar, Ray’s widow, together with her family, has made an astonishing gift of £35m to Pembroke, towards the Mill Lane project.