Pembroke Opens Its Doors!

Professor Dame Clare Grey points at a screen showing her presentation, standing in front of an attentive audience.

A benevolent side to larger capital projects today requires a commitment for the development to serve and engage the local community. Accordingly, almost three months to the day after the private June opening for donors, to coincide with Cambridge’s annual “alumni weekend”, on the third Saturday of September, Pembroke officially welcomed members of the public into ‘Phase 1’ of the Mill Lane site with the free ‘Open Doors’ festival. Read More

‘Phase 1’ of Mill Lane opens!

Dagmar Dolby, standing in front of a group of Fellows and alumni, and between her two granddaughters, laughs after cutting the ribbon to open Phase 1 of the Mill Lane site

2023’s annual May Week Benefactors’ Reception was extra special. Following the College’s traditional refreshments of strawberries, champagne and canapes on Library Lawn, donors were invited to head over for a private opening of the ‘Phase 1’ portion of the Mill Lane site. Read More

Remembering Ray

Ray Dolby standing up, leaning against a desk in the foreground. In the background , sat down, is David Robinson.
Ray Dolby (1957) and David Robinson (1959) in Wandsworth Road, London in November 1968. 

David Robinson (1959) met Ray Dolby (1957) at Pembroke and worked with him for over forty years at Dolby Laboratories (producing Dolby Sound, Visual & Display Technology). Here, David recounts Ray as a man of innovation and social conscience, and one who led by actions, not words. Read More