The Campaign

The redevelopment of the Mill Lane site will bring 110 of our students closer to the College, create more opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and Fellows to meet and interact and enhance everyone’s experience of Pembroke. There will be an auditorium, hosting lectures by day and academic and cultural events in the evening, a partnership centre where visitors and corporate and other institutional partners can meet, discuss, teach and learn.

We strongly believe that this extraordinary opportunity to enhance the Pembroke community will attract the best applicants at undergraduate and graduate level and so enable the College to play a leading role in Cambridge’s ambition to remain among the world’s highest-ranking universities. Thereby, our students and Fellows will continue to produce research that profoundly improves our lives and understanding of the world we live in.

We were given the most outstanding start to our campaign by the generosity of Ray Dolby and his family. Ray came to Pembroke as a PhD student in 1957, and subsequently went on to invent the sound system that revolutionised listening for the entire world. Ray’s bequest of £35 million to Pembroke enabled us to embark on our plans, and the campaign to realise them, with real confidence. We’ve already raised further funds to take us well over halfway to our target. Many of our alumni/ae have been remarkably generous, and we are truly grateful.

To complete the funding for the building we need to raise a further £8m. The Dolby family has made a wonderful further commitment, in the form of a matching fund, to help us reach our goal. They will match 1:1 every £1 received for the buildings fund until December 2022. We firmly believe we can now realise our ambition.

This is a completely unique moment for Pembroke: a re-foundation of the College, after six hundred and seventy years of history and distinction. Let us seize the time, and create the place.


“The Time and the Place may look like it’s about buildings, but what’s most important is who goes into them. Pembroke is all about its people. To give these great minds the best environment to work in will pay enormous dividends in the research and teaching that is done there. I am proud that Pembroke is taking this opportunity and delighted to support its efforts.”

Peter Jackson, Campaign Board Chair (2016-2021)

  • 1347

    College Founded

    On Christmas Eve 1347, the College was founded by Marie de St Pol.
    The historic core of the College still stands on its original site.

  • 1665

    The Chapel

    Pembroke’s Chapel is the first completed work of Sir Christopher
    Wren, and the first chapel in Cambridge or Oxford in the classical style.

  • 1670

    Ivy Court

    The Hitcham Building, on the south side of Ivy Court, contains the
    Thomas Gray Room, where poet Thomas Gray and William Pitt the Younger both lived.

  • 1878

    The Library

    Alfred Waterhouse designed the Library, Red Buildings and the present Hall.

  • 1881

    New Court

    New Court was designed by George Gilbert Scott Junior, who was also
    responsible for saving the Old Library from demolition in 1880.

  • 1997

    Foundress Court

    Foundress Court is currently home to the Henry Moore sculpture
    Figure in a Shelter (1983).

  • 2017

    The Time and The Place Campaign Launch

    Mill Lane provides the opportunity for the most significant expansion
    of the College since our Foundation.

  • 2019

    We’re in…!

    Pembroke has officially moved into the first buildings on the Mill Lane site!

  • 2020

    Demolition begins

    The demolition and renovation phase of the Mill Lane

    development begins.