A Strategic Vision for Pembroke 2018-2030

After in depth consultations between the Master, Fellows and students, the College has produced a document outlining its Strategic Vision to 2030.

Stating that Pembroke’s mission is to:

“Bring together the brightest students, from the broadest range of backgrounds; nurture outstanding research; provide the very best educational opportunities; and by doing so help to make a difference to the world.”

It identifies five strategic priorities:

• Strengthening the College’s academic success

• Drawing our students from the widest possible range of backgrounds

• Enhancing the cohesiveness of the College community

• Providing the best buildings and facilities for our needs

• Taking a leading role in Cambridge and beyond

To read more about the reasons why the College drafted the document, the Master writes about it in his Lent Term message to Pembroke Members:


To download the Pembroke Strategic Vision 2018-20130 document PDF), please click here.