Eric Idle performs at campaign launch

The evening of The Time and The Place campaign launch concluded with a performance by Eric Idle (1962), whose opening speech contained the expected humour, but also sincere comments on the positive impact Pembroke had on his life, partly through the Pembroke Players.

The musical component of his performance began with a comic madrigal – a Renaissance style part-song – written with Germaine Greer whilst he was at Pembroke, and performed alongside four of Pembroke’s singers.  He then performed It’s a Fundraiser’, a new tongue-in cheek song written especially for the occasion, followed by, to the audiences delight, the infamous ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’.  Both songs were performed with the Pembroke Choir, with many in the audience joining in with the latter.

Eric’s performance was both unique and enjoyable, showcasing his famous capacity for comedy, and proving yet again that the Pembroke community has examples of excellence in all walks of life.