Pembroke Soirée at the Royal Society

The sixth Pembroke Soirée took place at the Royal Society on 30 October 2019. Attended by 100 alumni, the evening was designed to give a snapshot of the vibrant intellectual and cultural life of Pembroke, and to demonstrate the impact that enhanced facilities and financial support can have.

The Master began proceedings with an update on The Time and The Place campaign, and shared a new video interview in which Pembroke Fellows discuss the academic benefits that the Mill Lane redevelopment will bring.

Three short talks from Pembroke Fellows followed. Professor Menna Clatworthy (Medicine) shared her research into kidney transplantation, explaining how she knows when a kidney is good enough to transplant. Professor Rosalind Polly Blakesley (History of Art) delivered an entertaining talk on “The power of painting when politicians won’t talk” which spanned Imperial Russia, President Trump and Brexit. Finally, Professor Mike Hulme (Geography) shared his thoughts on whether it is too late to stop climate change.

In between the talks, members of the Pembroke Chapel Choir delighted the audience with songs from their recent tour of Thailand. There were also opportunities for guests to view an exhibition showcasing the research of some of our postgraduate students, and to chat to the students about their work.

Matthew Mellor, Pembroke’s Development Director, rounded off the evening with a call to action. He reminded everyone that we have a unique and extraordinary opportunity with the redevelopment of the Mill Lane site. It will be truly transformative for the College, and will enable us to create an environment where future generations of exceptional Pembroke people can do their best work. We hope that the Soirée inspired attendees to support the Time and The Place campaign.

Huge thanks to Campaign Board members Marcus Bökkerink (1983) and Clare Chiu (2001) for hosting us.